Sam Dalwood

Sound and Music Portfolio



Example Trailer Fauxless.mp4

Peaceful Lands (2023)

Video Game

Trailer Soundtrack

Let's Misbehave! (2023)

Video Game (Visual Novel)

Audio Engineer; Sound Design

DTES (2023)

Video Game

Game Audio Design; Narrative


"FAUXLESS" is the account I use to post electronic music. Non-electronic music is self-published.

Opera GX - Andromeda Mod (2023)

Single, Ambient, Chill

LAIKA: Aged Through Blood OST Remaster (2023)

Single, Video Game, Remake

Cotton Candy (Helluva Boss) Remake // Remix

Single, Pop, Electronic

DTES Soundtrack (2023)

Album, Ambient

Keir (2023)

Single, Chill

Sev (2023) 

Single, Lo-Fi


Fauxless - Close Your Eyes (2022)

Single, Electronic

Audio Engineering, Sound Design

Andromeda -- Custom Music and Sound Effects for Opera GX (2023)

Sound Designer; Music Composer; Audio Engineer

Jewish Family Service of St. Paul (2023)

Audio Engineer for Podcast (Reference details on request)